Public transportation

Bucharest public transport system is fairly simple. Here is some basic information about public transport.

Buses & Trams:

Bucharest’s public transport network is extensive, covering all of the city as well as much of its surroundings. It is also very cheap to use.

Bucharest has hundreds of bus (and trolleybus) routes and tens of trams, serving every part of the city as well as a number of suburban villages. Buses and trams run from very early in the morning (around 04:30) to around 23:00 (earlier at weekends), after which the night buses take over. These serve all areas of the capital throughout the night, with all routes departing from Piața Unirii station. Most night bus services run at hourly intervals.


In order to ride Bucharest’s buses, trolleybuses or trams, you need to buy an „Activ”  (green and white)  card in advance. They are available at the little RATB kiosks which can be found next to major bus and tram stops.

The green and white „Activ” card initially costs 3.70 LEI but can be topped-up with anything from 2.60 to 50 LEI at a time, 1.30 being the cost of one validation.

In any of these means of transportation there are orange devices where you have to validate the trip by touching it with the card until you hear a brief sound. If the sound is longer than one second, try again because the trip was not validated.



Bucharest’s metro has four lines, with a fifth currently under construction. Although relatively modern (the first section opened in 1979) many of the network’s stations are shabby and in need of refurbishment. Fortunately, most of the metro’s actual trains are new and the system is cheap, reliable and quick.


Tickets for the metro can be purchased at the booths adjacent to the gates , in all metro stations. Tickets valid for two journeys cost 5 LEI, while tickets valid for ten journeys cost 20 LEI. You can also buy a daily ticket for 8 LEI.

In order to pass through the gates, the card has to be inserted through the top of the green device, with the little red arrow facing down. After the validation the card pops up and you shall pass.